Our Story

Sometimes in life someone will say an act or prophetic word and this is what happened to us. When we were 50 years old  a gentleman, out of the blue, told us that his son said we must make chimes...

This stuck with us even though we were not even sure what exactly a chime was apart from the sound a clock makes on the hour. After a little research, without the help of google, we began our journey into the chime making world. We used any pipes we could find, scrape pipes and off cuts, anything we could get our hands on and with the help of a good ear, a piano and after much experimentation and much more patience Singing Wind was born just off the Durban coast in the Bluff.          

We moved to the beautiful Natal Midlands and began to refine our craft and soon Singing Wind went through a metamorphosis, the result was Culamoya Chimes. Our own little slice of tranquility.

We invite you to come and share in our passion and our peace simply through a visit or by adopting one of our chimes.

We welcome you...

Frik and Lola